Emailed Hero Awards Proposal 2015

Marketing Reports

On Fri, Apr 24, 2015 at 6:39 PM

Hi Dawn,

I hope you are doing well–we know you are crazy busy over there and want you to know that we are thinking about you!

We looked into a few things and ultimately decided to stick with the IP voting for now based on a number of factors.

After reviewing the stats after the change from Facebook to IP voting, and based on the percentage of votes, we really didn’t see much change in actual activity. That being said, it could be due to a number of factors….One, we

had the Thunderclap as a huge boost at the beginning of the week. Second, activity naturally drops off at the end of the week so we really had did not have a good comparison point.  We plan to stick with IP for the beginning of

next week to see if there is any way to make a measurable distinction. We all do still feel that this allows more people to participate, which is ultimately what we need this early on.


We did brainstorm a bunch of ideas to increase activity on the site and with voting.

1) Craig and Dave are going to work on a pop up for the website which displays a “Thank you for voting” message.  We’ve had some feedback from folks who voted but were unsure whether their vote was actually counted.  This

should remedy that problem, and make the voting process feel more interactive.

David’s suggestion: The thank you message under the header would appear when someone clicks on a video or votes to draw attention to the links at the top and hopefully get them to click around the site, create an act, follow

the blog, etc.


Budget for Social Media

We would like to spend a little more money next week to buy impressions on Facebook, etc.  It’s very important that the ad that we’ll create will redirect directly to the 1BAOP website, instead of the Woobox platform.

We are also redesigning the message to be very simple: VOTE now for your HERO!


I am going to look into ways we can increase activity through what we affectionately call “Click Bait”, things like BuzzFeed, etc.  I will also look into whether we can create an account.

I can remove the header image associated with woobox…it’s nice to have but it takes up some room. He is thinking we can replace it with some fancy custom graphics, pop-ups, etc that engage people more.



Carrie will continue to think of a way to drum up new press, and we will push the articles we have already received.  Carrie has emailed her friend Trevor at FitzGibbon Media to see how he may be able to help, and also to see if

he can get you and Meng some TV time in NYC in May.



As we discussed, I am planning to send an email update to each of our partners next week.  We are hoping each of them will share widely with their networks as well.  I am currently working to follow/like all of our NGO partners

etc. on social media so we can all cross-promote and reach a larger audience.



I will touch base with each of them next week casually, give them a new link, ask how they are doing, and encourage them to continue doing outreach on their own.



Below is a complied message on the actual metrics, dollars spent on promotion, and plans for next week.

Set up a set of 6 ads, running as an experiment, I’m looking for a ctr at about 10% with a relevance score of 10/10 and a low cost per click (this is a direct link url Campaign).

Full advertising report of general metrics for the last 7 days on Facebook is attached, only our Facebook pages, not any other pages, it includes other actions such as page likes. When reading the general metrics only
include on US campaigns as these are the people that i’m targeting for the hero awards voting. We’ve spent $78 for roughly 900 US clicks, 2300 actions, 164 URL clicks. We haven’t experimented with direct advertising, until
literally just now.
113,874 impressions
10,491 clicks
9.213% CTR
4178 page likes
$0.02 CPC
12267 actions
US metrics:
18976 impressions
930 clicks
4.9% CTR
$0.08 CPC
478 Page likes
2302 actions



I know that was a super long update, but I hope it is helpful!  We are really trying to be thoughtful and scientific about the interactions.


Thanks to everyone for a hugely successful week, and I’m really looking forward to figuring out how to maximize our activities together!