Marketing Reports

This social media outreach plan will set up the basis of the social media action in the run-up to the PeaceJam conference in Belgium next 18-19 November in Louvain-la-Neuve.


The social media outreach plan will help achieve the objectives of the PeaceJam programme for 2017:

  • Bring 250 participants to the conference
  • Engage 15 schools and youth organisations to start piloting PeaceJam Curriculum
  • Gain 300 followers in the PeaceJam Belgium page (presently 83 followers)


The key audiences of the social media outreach strategy are:

  1. Schools
  2. Youth organisations
  3. University students
  4. Mentors from 4 universities participating: ULB, VUB, UCL and KUL. The Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL/KUL) is the leading the mentoring programme.
  5. Funders:
    • King Baudouin Foundation
    • Colruyt
    • Bernheim Foundation

The social media messaging will be targeted to the different audiences:

  • When posting about donors the L4WB Foundation will be mentioned


The main language for the social media PeaceJam Belgium channels will be English. French and Dutch will be incorporated for targeted messaging to French and Dutch-speaking institutions when resources are available in those languages. In the case of new messages, Jackie, Valerie and Catherine will help with translations into Dutch and proofreading French.


Communications will be done in the name of PeaceJam Belgium.

The visibility of the Learning for Well Being Foundation will be reduced to some targeted messaging for key target audiences like Donors.

To gain recognition of the L4WB involvement in the project, once the PeaceJam Belgium media channels are established and up and running a targeted communication actions will be executed by LFWB team:

  • A targeted emailing campaign announcing the PeaceJam programme and inviting stakeholders to engage with PeaceJam Belgium social media channels.


  • QoC
  • EPTO
  • CATS
  • Potential for life
  • Playforpeace
  • Schools
  • And potentiallty other networks such as the Scouts, ECEC etc


  • Adding like our Facebook page (and Instagram twitter to be defined) for all external communications in the run up to the PeaceJam conference.
  • Encouraging organisations, students. schools and all relevant contacts met in the run up to the conference to like and follow updates of our Facebook page (and Instagram twitter to be defined).
  • Share messages from the PeaceJam Belgium Facebook page to the L4wB FB page
  • Create an email signature adding links to PeaceJam Belgium social media channels for L4WB staff
  • Using L4WB Basecamp platform to promote PeaceJam Belgium social media channels


Main channel:

  • PeaceJam Belgium Facebook page

PeaceJam Belgium Facebook event page

PeaceJam Belgium group (to be confirmed)

Preferred new channels:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Secondary channels

  • L4WB YouTube channel
  • L4WB Facebook page


Proposed content and available materials for social media messaging:

  • Trainings organised:
  • Mentor events and mentor trainings organised by the university, group of mentors which exist a UCL (contact person Alicia). ACTION: Valerie will ask Alicia to send relevant information to Guadalupe
  • Free film showing on Google in September. ACTION: Guadalupe will ask Jackie to send her more information. Jackie pending to send
  • Relate to other peace events/sites and days such as international day of peace on 11 September
  • Feature Shirin Ebadi photos and texts
  • Profile other Nobel Laureates and events
  • Post peace quotes
  • Share contents of partners like Tada, play4Peace, think of others, which ones?
  • Actively post Billion Acts of Peace and feature and link to the schools etc. that take part in Belgium
  • Find content from other PeaceJam Channels Big ones like the Rockies (1200 followers) and PJ South East and Peace Jam Greece: 293 followers
  • Link to topics of proposed workshop for the conference: on human rights? women rights?
  • Link to a possible fundraising campaign by local businesses to fundraise for kids to come to the conference
  • ACTION: Guadalupe will create a Google document calendar to input all the messages for social media ( to share with Jackie, Valerie and Caroline) Done


Guadalupe will lead the planning and posting with input from the Catherine, caroline, Jackie and Valerie.

All team members will be active contributors. 



6-8 weeks before the event:

  • Use #PeaceJamBelgium for social media messages
  • Promote the event twice a week in three different languages
  • Promote Shirin activities and the planned workshops
  • Post the press releases and links to the press.
  • Create weekly engaging status updates with visuals and videos
  • Create weekly engaging content with visual from testimonials from last year’s conference or other material to attract participants
  • Share pictures of speakers with quotes
  • Create a Facebook group and give access to organisers, speakers and students who register to get more confidential information
  • Weekly statistics on what’s working and what’s not
  • Invite organisations and individuals to join and  encourage them to invite others


  • Social media plan including PeaceJam recommendations
  • Live posting of pictures and messages during the conference
  • Use #mypeacejammoment
  • Contest for best blog best quote etc
  • Prize for most active social media person to be confirmed


Evaluate what work well and create a document with successful actions, also listing unsuccessful strategies to incorporate them for the following PeaceJam Belgium


We want to reach 300 followers for the PeaceJam Belgium page (currently 83 followers)