Social Media Strategy Sample

Marketing Reports

Mentors please encourage your students to use the standard hashtag #PeaceJamRockies.


During Family Group #1:


Have the students select a name for your group (ex. The Peaceful Warriors, The Changemakers, etc.). Then post a selfie of your group with the name on an INSTAGRAM page. BE SURE TO HASHTAG #PeaceJamRockies and to make this post public. An example of your post might look like:



Family Group 1 = Abolish Apartheid

tutu apartheid




During Lunch Time:

TWEET (or post on any social media) about something that the Nobel said today which inspired you. Remember to use the hashtag #PeaceJamRockies so that we can find it.


During the Service Projects:

Take a selfie of your group during your service project and share this photo on INSTAGRAM. Remember to use the hashtag ##PeaceJamRockies so we can find it.


Saturday – During the Evening Entertainment:

EMCEE will make an announcement that anyone who likes the Regional FACEBOOK page between tonight and tomorrow will have a chance to win a prize. Three new likes will be picked at random and announced at the closing ceremony.