December 27, 2020

Migrating a Site, Local SEO, 120% Traffic Increase

We were moving away from Divi Builder and onto Oxygen builder, the new platform was vetted and performed extremely well in Google Pagespeed Insights. If you haven’t heard of Oxygen Page Builder, it's probably the smallest, fastest, and most customizable WordPress page builder out there.

SEO is an always-changing field. In order to minimize the potential impact of the loss of rank during a site migration every single part of the site had to be the same. The design, the metas, the content, the URL structure. We had to move 180 pages, plus the new pages published under my tenure thus far, totaling 384 pages. This could not easily be accomplished with WP import/export, Divi builder encodes all of the content between code, and Oxygen page builder does the same. The migration was therefore a copy and paste job. This meant lots of organization and triple checking. We exported the site in various formats as excel files for reference and used Wrike to make checklists. My team and I went through each page 1 by 1. Copy and pasting every element of the site onto the new staging site.

Wrike was structured as State>City>Locality

Dip in Traffic

This does not mean there were no hitches. The site was published on July 17th, as you can see from the chart below. We temporarily lost rank in our core markets for our core terms. Interestingly enough the dip was over a week after the migration occurred and quickly rebounded. For reference, most website migrations result in catastrophe.

Year In Review

On a 12 month Year over Year basis, traffic was up by a huge margin, roughly ~120%. Because rank did not increase by much, the 540 new location pages are the likely culprit.

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