December 26, 2020

UX and Site Speed: +20% Sitewide Conversions

Improving UX and Conversions on the First Day

Immediately after joining the team. I optimized the site for page speed. There have been countless studies about the effect on page speed and conversion rates, some reputable case studies from Amazon suggests that every second after the first 2 seconds results in a decrease in revenue. The site I was taking over had a speed of 12 seconds. The site speed change on my first week of work, conducted on February 6th, 2020 was probably the single most impactful change I made to this site. It did not modify any parts of the site except how quickly it loaded. (We get to green lighthouse scores eventually)

20% increase in Conversion Rates Year over Year

Isolating for seasonality, the simple change of making the site faster, without doing anything else resulted in a 20% increase in conversion rates and therefore more total conversions. You can see the divergence in YOY traffic below.

I am not focusing on total conversion volume in this case study because the total volume may have been influenced by factors beyond the control of the landing page.

And taking a closer look at only the Denver Market, we get more extreme results on a YOY basis.

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